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New bikinis tells women when to apply sunscreen on their bodies

By Mason White 3:11 AM June 16, 2015
Women with Connected Bikinis 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A company in France, is selling high-tech bikinis, which alerts users when it is time to apply sunscreen to their bodies.

The price of the “Connected Bikini” is $167.

The consumer receives a two-piece swimsuit set with a small removable ultraviolet sensor.

The sensor is able to detect sunscreen levels and send an alert to the user’s smartphone or tablet when the skin needs additional lotion.

The sensor is calibrated to the user’s skin type and how much of tan you would like to get. There is even a function that sends the alert to your partner, alerting them when it is time to add more sunscreen.

Marie Spinali, the founder of the Connected Bikini, said that she decided to create a smart bikini when she saw people with burned skin on the beach.

Her company, Spinali Design, sells the bikinis on its website. She is also working on models for men and children, which will come with a GPS locator to quickly find children on the beach.