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Man donates late wife’s wedding gown with heartwarming note to charity shop

By Mason White 5:39 AM June 15, 2015
The wedding dress and the note 

By: Wayne Morin
An elderly man touched the heart of many people after he donated his late wife’s wedding gown with a sweet note attached to it.

Charity workers at the St. Gemma’s Hospice Charity Shop in England, are now looking for the man who anonymously donated the 1950s vintage wedding dress.

The white lace dress was given to the charity shop in Garforth, Leeds, when the store opened.

Store managers were going through the donated dresses when they found the written note attached to the gown with a safety pin.

The note read: “I wish any lady who takes this dress to have a life with her loved one for 56 years like I did. I was a lucky man to marry a lady like mine.”

The organization has launched a social media campaign to try to locate the man who donated the wedding dress, as they would like to thank him personally for the donation, and get more information about the beautiful gown and its first owner.

The charity organization took photos of a model wearing the dress, and it has been put up for auction on Ebay.