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Millionaire becomes broke after raising 75 abandoned children

By Mason White 10:43 AM June 16, 2015
Li Li Juan with some of “her” children 

By: Feng Qian
A good-hearted woman lost her fortune after choosing to raise 75 abandoned children.

46-year-old Li Li Juan of Wu’an, Hebei, China, became a millionaire in the 1980s thanks to her successful mining and clothing businesses.

During the past 19 years, she has adopted 75 abandoned children, most of whom were left by their families because of illnesses and disabilities.

However, in 2008, her mine was closed due to urban development, which cut a large part of her income.

Juan began selling her properties and valuables in order to continue to support the children.

Sadly, she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, and spent about one week in the hospital before returning home.

Since her diagnoses, Juan became broke and has accumulated debt of over two million yuan (about $161,000).

Family and friends are trying to help Juan raise money to continue caring for the children.