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Elderly man smears ketchup on his face and claims to be assaulted by neighbor

By Mason White 10:32 AM June 18, 2015
Anthony Crosby 

By: Chan Yuan
A man called police and said that he was assaulted by his neighbor with whom he had an ongoing dispute.

73-year-old Anthony Crosby of Ireland, file a complaint with police for assault and in effort to get his neighbor arrested. To make it look like he was assaulted, he smeared ketchup on his face.

Police said that Crosby tried to make it look like he was bleeding from injuries caused by his neighbor. However, while examining him, police realized that he had a “strong smell of ketchup,” a court heard.

Crosby’s neighbor, William Paisley of Rathmines, Dublin, told police that he is constantly being harassed by Crosby.

Crosby pleaded guilty to harassing Paisley at a housing complex for elderly people. This is the third time he was charged with harassing his neighbor, according to court records.

Defense attorney Michael Hanahoe said that Crosby had been under the impression that he was the victim, but he now accepts that he was wrong.

Crosby received an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

He was forced to move as Judge Bryan Smyth ordered Crosby not to come within 1 kilometer of the housing complex for five years, and to have no communication with Paisley.

He also fined the defendant about $220 for the assault.