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Man refuses to have sex with his wife because she wets her bed every night

By Mason White 2:29 PM June 18, 2015
Primrose Sakupwanya 

By: Chan Yuan
A grown woman was left embarrassed after she and her husband were ordered to pay for damages she caused to the blanket and sheet at a hotel during their honeymoon.

Takesure Banda married a good-looking woman named Primrose Sakupwanya. However, he said that his life became miserable as his wife still wets her bed every night.

The couple of Zimbabwe, spent their honeymoon in Victoria Falls, when he realized that his wife urinated in the bed.

The hotel ordered the couple to pay for the contaminated blanket and sheet.

Banda said that after the incident at the hotel, his wife promised him that her condition was under control, but he discovered that she was an habitual bed-wetter.

“I was surprised to find out that my wife had a problem with bed-wetting as she woke up every morning in a pool of urine,” Banda said.

The couple spent nearly $7,000 trying to find a cure for her illness, but so far, everything has failed. Sakupwanya said that they now sleep in separate beds, and her husband refuses to have sex with her as she has a bad odor from the urine.

Banda said that he feels deceived as his wife did not inform him of her bed-wedding before they got married. However, divorce is against his Christian beliefs.