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Man cuts all his possessions in half to share with girlfriend who dumped him after 12 years (video)

By Mason White 2:34 PM June 18, 2015
Half of the car, laptop, and chairs 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A jilted lover released his frustration over his failed relationship by cutting all of his possessions in half.

The man of Germany, who goes by the YouTube name der.juli, recorded himself using power tools to cut all of his possessions in half.

In the video, he is seen cutting an Phone 5, a TV, a bed, chairs and even their car.

He the sent one half of everything to his former girlfriend and the other half he put up for sale on Ebay, with the broken car available for less than £2 ($3.00).

Other items include a bicycle, a teddy bear, a sofa, a helmet, a cordless phone and a mailbox, according to photos he uploaded to Ebay.

In the caption on the YouTube video, the man wrote: “Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura! You’ve really earned half.”

He then ends with a sarcastic note saying: “Greetings also to her successor.”