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8-year-old girl burned alive for being a witch

By Mason White 11:41 AM June 19, 2015
Witch illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A little girl was burned alive after being accused of being a witch, police in Nigeria said.

Plateau State police said that they have arrested 60-year-old Yakubu Vong, after being accused of torturing the 8-year-old girl in order to force her to admit to being a witch.

According to the police investigation, the suspect lured the girl to his home, where he allegedly tortured and killed the girl.

Vong ordered the girl to admit to practicing witchcraft, and when she refused, he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire.

James Bamu, an uncle of the girl, denied the allegations that she was a witch, saying that Vong failed to provide evidence that she practiced witchcraft.

Police described the murder as barbaric. The girl was rushed by neighbors to a nearby hospital, where she died of her injuries. Vong was arrested, and he was charged with one count of murder.