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Mayor of London tells black taxi driver to f*** off and die

By Mason White 1:16 PM June 19, 2015
Boris Johnson 

By: Chan Yuan
The mayor of London, is being slammed after a video emerged in which he his heard telling a black taxi driver to f*** off and die.

Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, was riding his bicycle in Hackney, when the heated exchange erupted.

Members of taxi services are angry with the mayor for his policies on Uber, which is a car service booking app.

In 10-second video, which was captured by a passerby, the taxi driver can be seen gesturing with his hand while leaning out the window and yelling: “You’re one of them, that’s what you are, one of them.”

In response Johnson said: “Why don’t you f*** off and die.” While the taxi driver was riding away, he said: “Yes. I hope you die.”

The incident took place around 12:20 a.m. on St. John’s Street.

On Thursday morning, Johnson refused to apologize to the taxi driver, and described his comments as a “gentle return of service.”