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Man surgically implants train card into hand so he never forgets to take it with him

By Mason White 9:41 AM June 19, 2015
Vlad Zaitsev 

By: Wayne Morin
A man wanted to make life easier by having his train card with him so he never forgets it.

Engineer Vlad Zaitsev came up with a unique idea to never forget his subway card.

Zaitsev surgically implanted a chip into his hand so he can swipe through underground subway gates without having to carry his wallet.

Zaitsev of Russia, cut open his own hand and then placed the microchip inside before stitching the wound.

Zaitsev said that it was worth the three-inch scar to be able to tap into the network using just his bare hand. He also said that he has not suffered any complications after performing the surgery on himself.

However, the strange procedure has not been as successful as Zaitsev hoped for as some underground card readers do not pick up his Troika card chip.

Not all scanners seem to have a very strong signal to read the card from his hand.

However, Zaitsev is happy despite it not being perfect. “The most important thing was that I wanted to know how it feels to have a chip under my skin,” he said.

“This really opens up a whole range of possibilities, and I think anyone who tries it will quickly see what I mean,” he added.