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Woman repeatedly bites her boyfriend because his cat bit her

By Mason White 5:41 PM June 22, 2015
Cat illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was arrested on charges of domestic violence after allegedly biting her boyfriend because she was bitten by his cat, police in Germany said.

Hagen police said that the 26-year-old unidentified woman flew into a rage on Saturday, after her 39-year-old boyfriend stopped her from injuring the cat.

The woman is accused of beating her boyfriend and biting him because she was bitten.

The wounded man tried to call the police, but the woman repeatedly grabbed his cellphone from his hand until the man was able to escape from the home and make the call.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment, while the woman was arrested. She was charged with one count of domestic violence.

A judge banned her from going near her partner for 10 days.