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Dwarf threatens little children with knife because they made fun of his size

By Mason White 5:14 PM June 23, 2015
Ian Salter-Bromley 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A dwarf was arrested, charged and convicted of making threats after threatening small children with a knife because they made fun of his size, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 55-year-old Ian Salter-Bromley of Hull, was sentenced to serve 9 months in jail.

Salter-Bromley, who claims that he is being bullied because of his size, brandished a knife in front of a bus with children because someone joked about his size.

Salter-Bromley said that he got into a dispute with someone on the bus before pulling out the knife.

At the time of his arrest near the bus, Salter-Bromley was out on bail after being accused of fighting at a housing complex.

The Hull Crown Court heard that Salter-Bromley threatened to kill one of the staff members of the housing complex.

When police arrived, Salter-Bromley barricaded himself in his apartment. The officers arrested him and found a long knife.

Salter-Bromley also threatened to kill an officer before holding the knife to his own throat. The officers fired a Taser at him twice because they feared for their welfare.

During the disturbance on the bus, Salter-Bromley produced a knife and started waving it around before threatening to kill someone.

A passenger managed to disarm Salter-Bromley, and he was arrested.

Salter-Bromley pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, possessing a knife in a public place and violating an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

He was sentenced to serve 9 months in prison.