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Angry husband defecates in police car because officers prevented him from entering his home to fight with wife

By Mason White 8:34 AM June 24, 2015
Police car illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested on a charge of damage to a police vehicle after allegedly defecating in the back of a police vehicle because officers prevented him from fighting with his wife, police in the United Kingdom said.

Wales police said that they were called to the Carmarthen Bay trailer park on reports that 45-year-old Mark Haughton of Bristol, was fighting with his wife.

Haughton left his trailer to cool-off after a heated argument with his wife. When he returned, he was confronted by police officers who prevented him from entering his trailer.

Haughton became angry and told the officers that they were racists. Officers then arrested him and escorted him to a police car.

Haughton threatened that he will defecate inside the police car. Once secured in the back seat, Haughton defecated in the car.

Haughton was taken to a police holding cell and given fresh clothes. Later, he defected again in the police cell. Haughton was convicted of damage to police property and was sentenced to pay a fine of 250 pounds ($393).

He was also ordered to pay 300 pounds ($472) in compensation to the police department.