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Church members complain about hearing sex noises from massage parlor located next door

By Mason White 2:29 PM June 25, 2015
Massage parlor 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Two massage therapists were arrested after their client made sex noises, disturbing a church.

Now, the church in Wheaton, Illinois, filed a lawsuit against its landlord, the two employees of the business next door, accusing them of offering prostitution services.

Parishioners said they had heard sex noises coming from the massage parlor before and after services on weekends.

The Maranatha Christian Church is asking a judge to terminate their lease and the return of the rent paid since 2010.

The massage parlor does not have an official name on its door, but a sign in the window reads “spa.”

Their services are listed in an adult-orientated ad promoting “beautiful and tender” massages and body scrubs.

Police detectives investigated the massage parlor, which operated under several different names over the years.

One employee, who was identified as Xuhong Castro, was arrested after she agreed to perform a sex act on an undercover officer for $60.

Another employee, 36, who recently moved from China to the United States, was also arrested on a misdemeanor prostitution charge.

She told reporters however, that the incident was a misunderstanding due to the language barrier.

“I am not responsible for any wrongdoing of tenants,” landlord Tatiana Savenok said. “If the city finds something wrong they should shut it down.”

The city has indeed revoked the spa’s massage license.