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British citizen ordered to leave Canada after helping his girlfriend with house repairs

By Mason White 4:01 PM June 25, 2015
Tom Rolfe and Sam Edwards 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was shocked when he was ordered to leave Canada, after authorities learned that he helped his girlfriend with home repairs.

24-year-old Tom Rolfe was locked up by immigration officials after they found photos of him helping his girlfriend, 27-year-old Sam Edwards.

Rolfe from South Wales was in Canada on a tourist visa when authorities found the photo and accused him of working in the country illegally.

“It’s just ridiculous, I was helping Sam fix up her apartment,” Rolfe said. He was given 8 days to leave the country.

Rolfe was planning to open a dog rescue center with Sam in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

He applied for a residence permit. In order to do that, he had to leave Canada to be processed when he came back through immigration control.

Rolfe and Edwards drove to the United States and immediately returned to Canada to get his new visa stamped.

However, the couple was subjected to a three-hour ordeal in which they were locked in separate rooms while officials searched his car and belongings.

Officials looked through the photos from Rolfe’s camera and saw images of Rolfe helping his girlfriend fill cracks in the walls.

Edwards, who is trying to get the order removed, was told that Rolfe would have to leave Canada for 28 months before he can return.

The couple are now planning move to the United Kingdom together.