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75-year-old grandfather who raped his granddaughters claims they begged him for sex

By Mason White 10:40 AM June 30, 2015
Umoru Choji 

By: Feng Qian
An elderly man who was arrested on charges of rape said that his granddaughters begged him for sex, police in Nigeria said.

Plateau State police said that they have arrested 75-year-old Umoru Choji of Bukuru, after being accused of raping his granddaughters, aged 11 and 14.

During questioning, Choji, who is married, admitted to having sex with the girls, saying that they asked him to sleep with them.

He further claims that they only reported him to police because he decided to stop having sex with them. Choji was charged with two counts of rape.

In January, a grandfather raped two of his grandchildren and impregnated one of them.

55-year-old Mikeal Shane Pruett of Stevensville, Montana, was sentenced to 200 years in prison after impregnating his 11-year-old granddaughter and sexually assaulting the victim’s younger sister.

Pruett, who is married, was the guardian to both girls when he raped them. The grandfather was arrested after the 11-year-old girl was found to be 32 weeks pregnant.