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4 teens burn love rival alive for stealing boyfriend

By Mason White 10:51 AM June 30, 2015
Boitumelo Dlamini 

By: Chan Yuan
Four teens were arrested on charges of murder after allegedly burning an 18-year-old woman alive for stealing a boyfriend, police in South Africa said.

Brits police said that the burned body of Boitumelo Dlamini, was found in a field on Thursday.

Police arrested her boyfriend’s former girlfriend and three of her friends in connection with the murder. They face charges of murder and kidnapping.

According to the police investigation, Dlamini became romantically involved with 24-year-old Tokelo Makalepho six months ago.

On Thursday, the four teens lured Dlamini into a car and she was driven to a field, where she was doused with gasoline and set on fire.

The victim’s sister told investigators that the former girlfriend of Makalepho, was jealous and wanted to destroy the relationship.

She constantly intimidated and threatened the victim. She only allowed her former boyfriend to date ugly women who have children.

Makalepho and his former girlfriend have a 19-month-old daughter.