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Teenagers caught on video having sex on street 4 in the morning

By Mason White 5:26 PM June 30, 2015
Wu Xinyi and Yang Hao 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two college students were arrested after they were seen having sex on a sidewalk close to their university.

18-year-old Wu Xinyi from China, was caught having sex with a man outside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Ho Man Tin, where she is a student.

The man was identified as 19-year-old Yang Hao. He is a student at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty on charges of outraging public decency when they appeared at the Kowloon City Court.

However, after watching the video of the act, the woman returned to court and pleaded guilty to the charges. She was released after posting bail.

She will likely be sentenced to probation and community service.

Hao maintained his innocence. He was also released on bail and faces trial. Prosecutors will show the jury the video of the sex acts. They will also bring 5 witnesses who saw the couple engaging in sex.

A security guard at the university said that the couple was asked to stop having sex in public, but they ignored the pleas.

The couple continued having sex despite people walking by. The lovebirds were finishing putting on their clothes when the police arrived.