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Pizza Hut employee caught playing with his private parts while serving food to girls

By Mason White 4:05 PM July 1, 2015
Pizza Hut employee puts hand in his pants 

By: Tanya Malhotra
An employee of Pizza Hut in Kentucky, was fired after allegedly playing with his private parts while serving food to female customers.

The incident unfolded as a girl was at the Pizza Hut drive-thru in Lexington.

As she was waiting for her order, she realized that the employee had his hands in his pants and playing with himself. She quickly took a picture of the employee and uploaded to photo on the Internet, where it went viral.

Sandy Brentlinger, the mother of the girl, said that her daughter and her friend were in line waiting for pizza when they saw the man playing with himself.

Brentlinger also said that the girls called the manager of the store to let him know what happened. After the incident the girls took the pizza, but the didn’t eat it.

On Monday, Pizza Hut said that the employee had been fired. Brentlinger contacted the Department of Health so that the employee doesn’t receive a job at another restaurant.