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2 people dead after man sets his head on fire while riding train

By Mason White 5:14 PM July 1, 2015
Train illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Two people died and many were injured after a man set himself on fire, police in Japan said.

The man was traveling on the high speed bullet train when he set himself on fire.

The man killed himself and other passengers. The second man died from smoke inhalation after the train car filled with smoke, police said.

At least 26 others were injured, three seriously, mostly from smoke inhalation, according to the Odawara Fire Department.

The passenger poured an oily substance over his head before setting himself on fire, police said. He used a lighter to burn himself alive.

The motive is not clear. Police said the fire was in the front of the first train car, which was heading from Tokyo to Osaka.