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Teacher electrocutes and cuts up rabbit in front of horrified students

By Mason White 10:05 AM July 3, 2015
Rabbit illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Parents in Austria, are calling on school officials to fire a teacher who killed and cut up a rabbit in front of students.

Students reported that the biology teacher of Horn, brought a rabbit to school with him on Monday.

He proceeded to electrocute the rabbit and cut it up in front of students. The teacher claims that the stunt was his way to teach biology.

On Tuesday, the teacher repeated the lesson in front of students at another class.

After hearing about the experience of their classmates, the emotional students offered to buy the rabbit from the teacher and begged him not to kill it.

He refused and told them they would be eating the rabbit for dinner.

After parents and students complained on Facebook, the school said it will investigate the incident and the teacher faces a disciplinary hearing.