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Nightclub evacuated after feces found on dance floor

By Mason White 9:26 AM July 5, 2015
Woman at nightclub illustration 

By: Feng Qian
People who were partying at a nightclub in Thailand, were shocked to find human feces on the dance floor.

Bangkok police said that the incident unfolded at the nightclub located on Sukhumvit Road.

A soon as the human feces was spotted on the dance floor, police were called and the nightclub was evacuated. Luckily, no one stepped on evidence and it was sent to a lab for testing.

The club’s owners have handed over surveillance video to the police in order to catch the perpetrator. A professional cleaning crew was brought in to clean and disinfect the club before it was reopened.

In February, a 36-year-old man of Whitehaven, United Kingdom, made a public apology on his Facebook page, saying that curry and too many drinks caused him to defecate on a dance floor as he was unable to get to the toilet on time.

A woman who was at the scene, said that the man was dancing when feces began dripping from his pants. The man hurried to the toilets, but stopped a few feet short, pulled down his pants, squatted and did his business on the floor.

The owner of the club decided not to press charges against the man as he has paid 20 pounds ($30) to clean up the mess. He also left a generous tip for the door man.