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Priest rapes 11-year-old girl in his backyard because he had to cleanse her soul

By Mason White 1:33 PM July 5, 2015
Brogenet Cinor 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A priest was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly raping a young girl in his backyard because he had to cleanse her soul, police in Florida said.

Sunrise police said that they have arrested 48-year-old Brogenet Cinor, after being accused of taking the 11-year-old girl to a hut in his backyard, where he raped her.

The mother of the girl confronted Cinor, but he said it was part of a cleaning ritual. He also threatened to put a curse on the mother and her family if she reports him to the police.

However, the mother called the police to report the priest.

According to the police investigation, the mother brought the girl to Cinor’s home because he claimed that she had to be cleansed of evil spirits.

Cinor immediately took the girl to his hut in the backyard of his home, where he pull down her pants and raped her. The girl begged Cinor to stop, but he restricted her arms and did not allow her to get up.

Investigators said that two women had similar experiences with Cinor. They claim that Cinor told them that they need to have sex with him in order to be cleansed of evil spirits.