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2 men kill hundreds of pet dogs with poisonous darts and sell the meat to supermarkets

By Mason White 1:34 PM July 5, 2015
Dog illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Two people were arrested on charges of theft after allegedly killing people’s dogs with poisonous darts and selling the meat to supermarkets, police in China said.

Shandong police said that they have arrested the two men after receiving complaints from hundreds of residents about their missing pets.

About 400 dogs all disappeared during the night time after being left in yards.

According to the police investigation, the two dogs thieves waited until the dogs fell asleep before shooting them with highly poisonous darts.

The men are suspected of using about 400 darts to kill the dogs over a period of three months. Police seized numerous darts from the suspects’ homes.

The poisoned dog meat were sold to supermarkets markets for $0.50 per pound. The vendors washed and cooked the meat before selling them to their customers.

The suspects said that they never ate the meat, fearing they could die of the poison.