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Mirage strip club places ads with nude women on public buses

By Mason White 5:22 PM July 6, 2015
Nearly nude woman illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
People were shocked to see ads with nude women on public buses in Denmark.

Movia, the company that operates most public transportation buses in the country, has been flooded with criticism because of placing ads from the Mirage strip club.

The ads contain photos of nude women, and many believe that they are degrading. The ads show the back view of naked women with the caption “sensual nightlife.”

The ads also include the hashtag “real men come to Mirage.” After the public outcry, the manager of Movia said that the ads will be taken down.

The manager also said that Movia outsources the ads business to another company and they used poor judgement with improving the ads from Mirage.