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Man’s car cut after being hit by giant saw blade while driving on highway

By Mason White 11:44 AM July 6, 2015
The blade 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man is lucky to be alive after a large saw blade hit his car while driving along a road.

The man of China, was driving his car when it was hit by the giant circular saw blade.

The man was identified as Mr. Xiang. He was driving on the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway toward Chongqing around 3:30 p.m., when his car was hit by the 5-foot saw blade

Xiang said that a truck lost control and crashed. The truck was carrying circular saw blades. Four of the blades rolled out of the back of the truck, and one of them ended up rolling into oncoming traffic.

Xiang said that he heard a loud explosion, and smoke started coming from his engine.

He went to investigate, and was surprised to see that the blade left a 20-inch cut in the front of his car.

Xiang, who almost lost control of his car, was not hurt.