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Man dies while sucking snake’s head because he wanted his body to be immune to toxins

By Mason White 1:38 PM July 6, 2015
Snake illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A man is dead after placing a snake’s head in his mouth.

Police in Ghana, said that the 53-year-old man died last week, after placing a venomous decapitated snake’s head in his mouth.

The man apparently consumed the snake head in a bid to boost his immune system against snake toxins.

The man was identified as Musah Dzikpor from Aflao.

Police said that the snake was found on a farm owned by a friend of Dzikpor, who was riding a tractor.

When the tractor operator tried to remove it, the snake became aggressive. Someone grabbed a machete and removed the snake’s head.

The snake’s head is said to be valuable for traditional medicine, so nearby villagers gathered and began arguing over who should take possession of the snake.

Dzikpor took the snake’s head and immediately tried to suck the venom out of its mouth. The reptile sunk its teeth into the man’s tongue, injecting poison directly into his bloodstream.

He died about 30 minutes later while being transported to a hospital.