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Man slapped with $115 fine after accidentally dropping small orange peel on the street before picking it up

By Mason White 9:52 AM July 7, 2015
Luke Gutteridge 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man in the United Kingdom, was shocked to be slapped with a fine for accidentally dropping a small orange peel on the street.

29-year-old Luke Gutteridge of Herts, was spotted by a police officer dropping the orange peel before being slapped with a 75-pound ($116) fine.

Gutteridge said that he had put the rest of the orange peel into a nearby garbage bin before quickly picking up the little missing piece and apologizing to the officer.

However, the officer refused to cancel the fine and dragged Gutteridge to court.

After a lengthy court battle, a judge accepted his defense that littering is a crime only if there is proof that the person intended to leave it on the ground.

The lengthy legal battle has cost the Broxbourne Borough Council 4,000 pounds ($6,237).

The Broxbourne Borough Council said that it takes all littering offenses seriously in order to keep the streets clean, and will pursue every case in court.