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Bear kept locked up at cafe eats woman’s hand while her husband ordered coffee

By Mason White 11:55 AM July 7, 2015
Bear illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman lost her hand to a hungry bear that has been locked up in a cage at a cafe for years, police in Russia said.

The customer of the cafe in Tomsk, was mauled by the bear, which has been kept along with other bears at the restaurant in order to attract diners.

According to the police investigation, while the woman’s husband was ordering coffee, she went to the cage to have a closer look at the bears.

That is when one bear managed to grab her hand and bite it off.

Animal control officers responded to the scene to make sure that the cafe owners had the necessary permits and documents to keep the bears at the site.

Based on the preliminary investigation, it appears that the cafe’s documents are in order. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to her hand.

Doctors were unable to reattach the hand.