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Former judge posts revenge porn photos of girlfriends because they dumped him

By Mason White 5:06 PM July 7, 2015
Christopher Dupuy 

By: Wayne Morin
A judge who lost his job during his divorce with his wife, was arrested again over revenge porn against his two former girlfriends.

Former Judge Christopher Dupuy, 43, of Texas, was arrested on charges of harassment for allegedly posting nude photos of former girlfriends in sex-for-hire advertisements.

He set up an account under the name “Don Tequila,” and he wrote that the women “guarantee the full satisfaction” and they are “very fetish friendly,” according to court documents.

Dupuy tried to cover his tracks by routing the accounts through Germany and Venezuela, but investigators were able to link the account to Dupuy.

Dupuy lost his job after being accused of retaliating against a lawyer who represented his wife in their divorce. He also tried to block Harris County Sheriff’s deputies from serving a search warrant at his home, officials said.

Dupuy was arrested at his home in Galveston. Officers seized his cellphone, which allegedly contained proof that he posted the online sex advertisements, according to police.

Dupuy told the court that he does not have money to pay for a lawyer, and asked the judge to appoint an attorney to handle his case.

His bail was set at $600,000.