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Man breaks his manhood after being hit by banana while driving on highway

By Mason White 10:06 AM July 8, 2015
Bananas illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man told police that a flying banana hit him in the groin, which caused his manhood to break, as he was driving along a highway, police in Connecticut said.

Westfield police said that the man was found laying on the side of the road crying out in pain near a convenience store on Southwick Road on Thursday night.

As an employee for the Quick Food store approached him, he got up and went into the store. Police officers who arrived at the scene, said that the man told them he was hit by a banana in his private parts.

The man told police that as he was driving along the highway, he saw a driver throwing out the banana from the car window. The man was taken to Noble Hospital.

The man requested a note from a doctor in order to get sick days off from work due to his injury, police said. Police officers were unable to find the banana on the road.