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Man has sex with nude woman chained with dog leash at popular tourist attraction in front of young children

By Mason White 9:28 AM July 9, 2015
Nude woman being dragged by dog leash 

By: Chan Yuan
Police are looking to arrest a couple on charges of public indecency after they allegedly had sex at a popular tourist destination in front of children, police in Spain said.

Residents and tourists in Valencia, were shocked to see a man pulling a nude woman on a leash before performing sex acts in front of children.

Witnesses at the scene said that a third person was closely following the couple and recording the entire encounter. The incident unfolded outside the historic Serrano Towers.

People at the scene quickly pulled out their mobile phones and began recording as the man performed the sex acts on the woman.

The photos and videos were uploaded on the Internet, where they quickly went viral. One photo showed the man sitting on a stone bench smoking a cigarette while the woman sat like a dog behind him.

Another photo showed the man having sex with the woman while a young child watched. Some people called the police who arrived at the scene to discover that the couple had disappeared.