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56-year-old man caught pleasuring himself while pleasuring his neighbor’s horse

By Mason White 12:04 PM July 9, 2015
Glen A. Garbutt 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault of an animal after allegedly pleasuring himself while he pleasured his neighbor’s horse, police in Oregon said.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 56-year-old Glen A. Garbutt, after he caught pleasuring himself with the horse on his property.

According to the police investigation, the owner of the horse called officers after seeing Garbutt pleasuring himself with his animal.

When police officers arrived at the scene, Garbutt was not there. Garbutt was arrested after a police officer spotted him praying at a Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Garbutt ran, but the officer chased after him. Garbutt was Tasered at least three times before he was handcuffed. Garbutt was charged with one count of sexual assault of an animal, resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer.

He denied the allegations. Garbutt was booked into the Polk County Jail.