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Group of hot cheerleaders fired after winning free meals at restaurant and gaining weight

By Mason White 1:10 PM July 10, 2015
Cheerleaders illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A group of cheerleaders in China, are outraged after being sacked for adding several pounds of weight by eating free meals they won at a restaurant.

The incident began when a restaurant in Shanxi, announced that it will offer free meals to cheerleaders who are able to attract customers.

The group of cheerleaders of a basketball team were hired for the promotion and they won free meals at the restaurant.

After several weeks at the restaurant, they were fired from the basketball team as they could no longer fit into their tight uniforms.

The cheerleaders gained weight after feasting on free barbecue chicken and ribs. The manager of the basketball team said that he will consider reinstating the cheerleaders if they lose their weight.

However, the cheerleaders are furious, saying that they should be allowed to wear clothes of a larger size.