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Disabled man beaten and robbed after having sex with another man

By Mason White 2:27 PM July 10, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother is angry after a man abused her adopted disabled son.

25-year-old Henry Hoskins of Detroit, Michigan, who suffers from a developmental disability, was beaten and robbed by the man whom he had invited to his home for sex.

Hoskins has fetal alcohol syndrome, which usually occurs when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. He met the man named Tee on a dating website for men.

Hoskins invited Tee, whom he described as a black man between 21 to 29 years old with a star tattoo on the right side of his face, for sex around midnight.

After the two had sex, Tee choked Hoskins, and hit him with a pistol. After Hoskins passed out, Tee stole his wallet and cellphone.

A relative discovered that Hoskins was wounded and called police. Hoskins was taken to a hospital, where he was treated.

He needed 42 staples to close the gash on his head. He also had scratch marks on his neck. Police are investigating the incident, but so far, no arrest has been made.