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Bar employees to stop wearing skirts after being groped by numerous young women

By Mason White 1:21 PM July 12, 2015
Woman wearing skirt illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Bar employees in the United Kingdom, announced that they will stop wearing skirts while serving drinks after being groped by numerous young women.

The male employees at Hootananny in London, complained that too many women lifted up their kilts to make sure that they are true Scotsmen.

This week, they decided to start wearing pants, following the sexual harassment by groups of women. The sexual abuse usually occurred over the weekend when the bar was busy.

The women usually drank several shots before approaching the employees and lifting their dresses to check them out. The men also complained of a double standard, as police refuse to take their sexual abuse claims seriously.

One male employee said that if he would put his hand under the skirt of a waitress, he would be arrested and charged.

The owner of the club said that he supports the decision of his employees, saying that no one should be sexually harassed at work.