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Woman kills her husband with poisoned beer because he called her his slave

By Mason White 8:30 AM July 13, 2015
Beer illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of murder after killing her husband with poisoned beer, prosecutors in Zimbabwe said.

Now, 48-year-old Simangaliso Tshuma of Masai, has been sentenced to serve 25 years in prison after being accused of killing 52-year-old Misheck Sethi Nyathi.

In court, Tshuma admitted to killing her husband, but denied the charge of murder, saying that he abused her for many years.

Tshuma told the court that she married her husband 35 years ago, and her life had been a living hell. The woman accused her husband of not taking care of her and the kids.

When she asked him for money or help, he called her his slave. The wife also accused her husband of deliberately infecting her with HIV.

She admitted to poisoning her husband by lacing his beer with pesticide.