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Mayor accused of raping his wife and infecting her with HIV before sleeping with 15 prostitutes

By Mason White 8:31 AM July 13, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
The mayor of a city in Zimbabwe, is being investigated on a charge of rape after allegedly raping his wife and infecting her with HIV, according to court documents in Chitungwiza.

The mayor of Chitungwiza, 45-year-old Philip Mutoti, is also being accused of having sex with 15 prostitutes in exchange for $100.

The St. Mary’s police department said that the mayor’s wife, 38-year-old Alice Kuvheya, filed a complaint of rape and domestic violence against Mutoti for intentionally infecting her with HIV.

In court, Kuvheya claimed that Mutoti brought home prostitutes and had sex with them in front of her. Kuvheya finally left the home after receiving death threats.

Police said that the mayor surrendered himself to them before being arrested.