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Pale white man turns black after receiving donated liver from black man

By Mason White 1:45 PM July 13, 2015
Semen Gendler before and after liver transplant 

By: Feng Qian
A pale white man in Russia, said that he was surprised to be turning black despite the fact that he was born with pale white skin.

The incident unfolded after Semen Gendler of Krasnodar, urgently needed a liver transplant because he was diagnosed with hepatitis C and cancer.

Doctors said that his only hope was a liver transplant. Gendler flew to the United States, where he received the liver of a 38-year-old unidentified black man.

The procedure ended up costing him $500,000. Gendler said that the transplant saved his life. One day, his co-worker told him that his skin color was changing from white to black.

His co-worker said that he has known Gendler for years and he always had very pale skin. Gendler said that the change of his skin color could not be just a tan because he never goes out on the sun.

He told his friends and family that he doesn’t care about his skin color, and that the main thing is that he is healthy.