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Man lures girl into toilet and asks her to massage his back before sexually assaulting her

By Mason White 5:07 PM July 13, 2015
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By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly luring a girl into a toilet and sexually assaulting her, police in Japan said.

Osaka police said that they have arrested 39-year-old Masato Okuno, who works as a nurse, after being accused of luring the girl into the bathroom of an electronic store before sexually assaulting her.

According to the police investigation, Okuno stalked the girl at the electronic store before approaching her and saying that his lower back hurts.

After going into the toilet, he asked the girl to massage his back before sexually assaulting her. Okuno denied the allegations, but admitted to being in the toilet with the girl.

In June, a woman was arrested on charges of sexual assault after allegedly luring her friend into a building, where her husband sexually assaulted her, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department said that the couple conspired to lure the woman into the building so that he can sexually assault her.

27-year-old Muhsana Owens lured the 27-year-old unidentified woman into a room in the building, which provides housing for low-income workers and the homeless, around 2:00 p.m.

Once in the room, Owens left and locked the door. The husband, 27-year-old Adell Hardwick, then jumped on the woman and sexually assaulted her.

Owens was arrested, but her husband is still on the loose. The victim was taken to the St. Luke’s Hospital, where she was treated and released.