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Man who shared child porn asks not be punished because he only shared photos of girls he doesn’t know

By Mason White 11:01 AM July 13, 2015
Ronald Lynn 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man who was arrested for child pornography, came up with a weird excuse.

Ronald Lynn of Daytona Beach, Florida, allegedly admitted to having a problem with child pornography, but he said that he only shares photos of girls he does not know.

Officers went to the home of Lynn, 52, where he admitted to downloading and viewing child pornography on numerous occasions.

He also admitted to sharing the files with other people on the Internet. Police seized computers, DVDs, CDs, cameras and various other items from his home.

In one of the hard drives, police found an estimated 150 child pornography videos.

Lynn was taken into custody. Lynn asked the officers to be lenient with him because “the child pornography he downloaded was only of kids he didn’t know.”

“I don’t make my own videos, I promise. Maybe we can work this out since they are not local girls,” Lynn told police.

Lynn was charged with promotion of sexual performance by a child and 18 counts of possession of photos of sexual performance by a child. His bond was set at $210,000.