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Police post mugshot of squirrel after truckload of nuts were stolen

By Mason White 3:08 PM July 13, 2015
The squirrel 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Police are looking for a suspect who stole a truckload of nuts.

The police in Michigan, came up with a unique way of finding the suspect wanted for stealing $128,000 worth of nuts.

They issued a mugshot of a squirrel and posted it on Facebook.

18 pallets or roughly 28,000 pounds of packaged walnuts and other snack nuts went missing. The value of the cargo was over $128,000.

The Shelby Township Police Department published the mugshot of the squirrel to get people’s attention and help with finding the suspect.

Police said that a tractor trailer loaded with 18 pallets of about 28,000 pounds of assorted nuts was stolen. The truck was later found in Detroit, but the entire shipment of nuts was missing.

After posting the mugshot of the squirrel, they warned people not to call to turn the squirrel in to police. “Please do not call about squirrel sightings,” the police wrote on Facebook.

The police department assured people that the squirrel is not a suspect in the case, and that the mugshot image was only used to draw attention.