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Woman crashes her car into van while pleasuring herself with adult toy

By Mason White 11:47 AM July 14, 2015
Woman driving car while using cellphone 

By: Wayne Morin
A delivery worker in the United Kingdom, is fighting for his job after a woman slammed her car into the company van while she was pleasuring herself with an adult toy.

The worker was driving the van that belonged to M&J Seafood in Cirencester.

The unidentified 30-year-old woman, who was stuck in traffic, suddenly accelerated forward and struck the van, the worker said.

She came out of the vehicle and exchanged insurance information with the driver of the van before leaving the scene of the accident.

Later, when the delivery worker reviewed video of the accident, he realized that the woman had been pleasuring herself with an adult toy before slamming her car into his van.

When she got out of her vehicle, she pulled up her pants while holding the adult toy in one of her hands. The driver was extremely worried about his job because it had been the first day at work.

M&J Seafood refused to release the video of the accident, saying the matter was in the hands of their insurance company.