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Farmer successfully keeps intruders off his property by using blow up doll as scarecrow

By Mason White 2:48 PM July 15, 2015
Scarecrows illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A farmer in Scotland, revealed that he is able to keep animals away from his property by using a blow up female doll as a scarecrow.

50-year-old David Gray of Banton, bought the blow up doll for just under 5 pounds ($7.75) because deer were raiding his farm and destroying his turnips.

Gray said that he first tried to use a traditional scarecrow made out of a bag and a broomstick, but when that didn’t work, he bought the adult female doll on Amazon.

In addition to keeping the animals away from his farm, the blow up doll attracts passersby, who stop to take a look at it and pose for photos.

Gray, who has lived all his life on the farm, owns 2,000 sheep and 60 cow. Gray said that for now, he will not dress the blow up doll.