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Man steals $48,000 operating table from hospital

By Mason White 5:10 PM July 15, 2015
Lance Sayre 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested after he walked out of a hospital with an expensive operating table.

In a bold move, the thief walked into a hospital and stole the $48,000 operating table, according to police in Florida.

The suspect was arrested on charges of robbery and theft.

Investigators said that 52-year-old Lance Sayre, entered the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater on Sunday afternoon, and went to the secured area of the operating room.

Once inside, Sayre stole an operating table worth $47,945.97. He then pushed the table to the loading dock of the hospital, where it was loaded into the back of a white van in broad daylight.

The thief was captured on video and Sayre was arrested.

He was charged with robbery and grand theft, both felonies, and was released after posting $15,000 bond.