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Man drugs and rapes more than 100 prostitutes

By Mason White 3:35 PM July 16, 2015
Prostitute illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A man has been arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly drugging and raping more than 100 prostitutes, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Ifeanyi Chizoba, after being accused of targeting prostitutes to rape and rob them.

Chizoba has allegedly admitted to raping more than 100 women.

According to the police investigation, Chizoba approached prostitutes on the street and sprayed a drug in their face, which caused them to become sleepy.

The suspect then took the prostitutes to a deserted area, where he raped and robbed them. Chizoba told investigators that he had been targeting prostitutes for the past three years.

Chizoba was charged with numerous counts of rape and theft.