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People fall ill after XL Foods sold meat infected with E. coli bacteria

By Mason White 2:23 PM July 17, 2015
Man cutting meat illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Numerous people fell ill after eating meat, which was sold by XL Foods, that was infected with E. coli bacteria, according to a lawsuit filed in Canada.

Now, the company has agreed to pay victims $4 million to settle the lawsuit .

The lawsuit was filed against XL Foods Inc., which operated a meat packing plant in Alberta, during a recall of contaminated meat.

XL Foods recalled more than 4 million pounds of beef in Canada and the United States.

Brian Nilsson, an official at XL Foods, apologized to the people who became ill, saying that the company took full responsibility for its actions.

Consumers who suffered medical issues will receive compensation as well as those who were forced to throw out their meat.

People suffered E. coli poisoning as a result of consumption of the meat, according to investigators. Payments for victims will range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.