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Dog owners must clean dog’s urine on street or face fines

By Mason White 2:40 PM July 17, 2015
Dogs illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Pet owners have learned to clean up after their dogs when they defecate on the streets.

However, government officials in Italy, have now made it mandatory for owners to clean their dog’s urine from the street.

Dog owners in Piacenza, can now be fined up to $550 if they do not clean up when their dogs urinates on the streets.

The law will require dog owners to take a bottle of water with them every time they walk their pets.

The law, which was signed by mayor Paolo Dosi on Monday, makes it mandatory for dog owners to wash away the urine from public streets and sidewalks in the city.

Owners can also allow their dogs do their business near doorsteps, street level windows or on parked cars.

However, there are some exceptions to the new rule. Guide dogs and police dogs on duty will not have to clean urine on the streets.

All dog owners are exempt from doing so during periods of freezing weather so that the water does not turn into ice.

Residual dog urine can cause a nasty smell in areas where it accumulates. It also causes bacteria and microorganisms to grow, increasing the transmission of diseases and infections especially during the hot and dry summer months.