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Manager blames poor bikini quality after 70 men strip 20 girls naked at crowded water park

By Mason White 10:09 AM July 20, 2015
Water park illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Parents in Vietnam, are concerned after 20 girls were stripped naked and sexually assaulted at a crowded water park last week.

The incident unfolded after the water park offered free admission to the public.

However, the promotion became a nightmare for at least 20 girls who were physically assaulted. According to the police investigation, the Ho Tay in Hanoi, attracted unprecedented crowds, filling it to capacity.

At that point, the park’s staff closes the doors. 70 to 80 men attacked several girls, splashing them with water and pushing their heads underwater.

Some girls even had their bikinis ripped off and they were sexually abused. At least 20 girls were sexually assaulted. One girl told investigators that she was in the pool of the park when a large group of men approached her.

Her head was pushed underwater and her bikini was stripped.

Then she felt her private parts being grabbed and her hair was pulled. Instead of helping, people were taking video of the assault using their cellphones.

Another girl told investigators that several men pleasured themselves on her and her boyfriend as she was swimming in the pool.

The manager of the park denied the allegations, saying that there were no complaints of sexual assault. He also blamed the girls for wearing cheap bikinis, which left them vulnerable to being stripped.