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Man climbs into clothes donation box to sniff paint thinner

By Mason White 4:08 PM July 21, 2015
Paint thinner illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man had to be pulled out of a clothes donation box by firefighters after climbing inside to sniff paint thinner, police in Canada said.

Halifax police said that firefighters were called to a Walmart on Monday afternoon, after someone called them to report a person who was trapped inside a large donation box outside the store.

The person said that the legs of the man could been seen hanging out of the box. When firefighters arrived, they learned that the man was not trapped at all.

Instead, the person in question got into the box through a narrow opening and proceeded to stay inside to sniff paint thinner.

The smell of paint thinner was very strong in the area, according to police. After the man refused to come out of the box, firefighters cut the lock in order to forcibly remove him.

When they took him out, the firefighters handed him over to paramedics.