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Man agrees to watch woman’s dog then demands sex as payment

By Mason White 5:07 PM July 21, 2015
Edward Lewis Thompson 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman is grateful that her dog saved her from a potential rape.

The incident began when a man agreed the keep an eye on a dog while its female owner went into a place of business.

23-year-old Edward Lewis Thompson of Maryland, agreed to watch the dog, but then allegedly demanded sexual favors as payment for watching the pitbull.

Thompson of Frederick, faces charges of an attempted second-degree sex offense and second-degree assault after police said that he demanded sexual favors for watching the dog.

When the woman refused his demands, the suspect followed her into an alley, grabbed her and again demanded sexual favors.

The victim’s dog jumped to her aid, scaring the suspect, which allowed her to escape and contact police.

Police identified Thompson after several interviews and reviewing surveillance video.